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Film Editing Consulting / Mentoring

If you are dissatisfied with your rushes, disappointed by your rough cut or feeling stuck in your edit…

… I will help you identify and resolve problems, unleash the full potential of your material and support you so you can feel confident about your finished film.


I am passionate about helping to manifest those magical moments in the cutting room! I love looking for solutions to problematic aspects but also acquiring a deep understanding of the connection between the footage and the powerful, intimate intentions that moved the director to make their film.

Moving from France where I grew up, I studied and worked in London for 20 years as an editor (short, feature and documentary films) and senior editing lecturer (London Film School).

Since settling in Berlin, I have been a jury member for 2 consecutive years of the Berlin Senate’s Film and Video Artists’ Programme, and I support directors, editors and film students (DFFB) through their editing process in English, German and French.


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For Directors

When you know your project inside out as you do, the post-shoot period can be destabilising. You might have some shots or scenes missing, acting inconsistencies, the rhythm feels wrong or the pacing jarring.

If you are editing yourself, I will help you

  • ground, or if needed, re-define your creative concept
  • spot the problems and guide you towards solutions consistent with your vision
  • support you in keeping track of the story and character development, and technical and artistic aspects of your film. 

If your are working with your editor, I will

  • act as a sounding board for problem solving and new ideas
  • bring a fresh approach to your collaboration, re-boot your enthusiasm for the material
  • promote efficient creative communication in the edit suite.
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For Editors

After a time working on a project, it is not unusual that something feels wrong, the rhythm is lost, the story doesn’t unfold, the characters don’t evolve as wanted. The communication with the director might be challenged, everyone is out of steam, you can’t seem to put your finger on the issue nor find from which angle to tackle it.

As a discerning outsider to your project, I will help you

  • assess the film in its state
  • identify problematic points and priorities
  • redefine a work structure and accompany you through its stages

By discussing the initial concept and intentions of the film with you and the director, I enable you to re-open communication paths and refresh the creative relationship between you.

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For Schools

Mentoring students through their editing process,

  • supporting them in organising their project space for an efficient and structured work plan
  • teaching them creative techniques and problem solving in their projects
  • reinforcing their theoretical knowledge of the editing practice

Where there is conflict between students, I use tried techniques to encourage collaborative and creative communication between editors and directors to restore trust and efficiency.

I also offer pre-shoot consultations, encouraging the students to anticipate and avoid problems in post-production.

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"Stéphanie Meth has supervised the editing of four of my film projects. Each time, the quality of the work has improved significantly. She understands an artistic intention, quickly recognises the necessary steps to make it visible and at the same time adds her own sensitive touch to the film. This acumen has freed me from a few bottlenecks and opened up new perspectives. In terms of content, she doesn't push the obvious to the fore, but masters the fine line between dramaturgical clarity and subtlety. Finally, on a personal level, Stéphanie's open and approachable manner facilitates a super honest and constructive working relationship, which I can highly recommend."

"When Stephanie joined our project as an editing advisor, we were completely stuck in our process. Both the editor and I felt like we had reached the end of what we could find in the material and we were quite demotivated. Stephanie came with a whole new perspective and made us find back into the material and also start liking it again. She immediately understood the project and the strength and weaknesses of what we had shot and how we had tried assembling it together. She has such a beautiful way to uncover the rhythm of the scenes and we felt perfectly guided by her. There is a lot of understanding from her side for what is important for us as the filmmakers and to adapt to it in her feedback and propositions. I’m more than happy that Stephanie joined and supported our project and I don’t want to do another project without her."

"I was very lucky to come across Stephanie Meth while studying at London Film School. I edited my graduating film under the eagle eye of Stephanie who helped both with technical and storytelling solutions. She can solve any flaws in seconds. I highly recommend not only her services but also her excellent teaching skills." 

"To work with Stephanie is a creative pleasure. She is able to put the finger on dramaturgical weak spots with expertise and accessibility, bringing to light the real qualities of a story."

"After working on the infant observation documentary “BECOMING” for several years, including ongoing editing across a significant part of that time, the editor and I felt that it would be beneficial to get the support of a more experienced international editor. Stephanie Meth was recommended by one of the Berlinale International/Forum programmers. She was wonderful to work with. 

I could not have imagined the additional value of a consultant with both a fresh, outsider view of our material and of what we were trying to do in the project, combined with the warmth and holding that Stephanie’s approach gave to me and the editor at that critical point in finalising the edit. 

Stephanie managed to get inside the emotions, the style, and the intention of our film very quickly to really contribute to affirming what was working well and guiding where we could strengthen other aspects of the film - moving the narrative forward. She did all this in an incredibly sensitive way. The film has been screened around the world and is being used by internationally recognised institutions for training of professionals working with infants and our human process of becoming.

I unreservedly recommend Stephanie as a consultant editor for her professionalism, deep insight, and her humanity."